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We have a leading team with 20+ years silicon photonics technology and mass production experience.
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Please view a list of current opportunities below.

Candidates may send CVs to: hr@x-phor.com


  • Silicon Photonics Design Engineer


    1) Responsible for chip design of silicon photonics passive and active devices;  
    2) Familiar with the design, layout and simulation of silicon photonics waveguide devices;  
    3) Familiar with testing and characteristic analysis of silicon photonics devices;  
    4) Programming experience with MATLAB or similar data analysis tools;  
    5) Assist in device test data acquisition, characteristic analysis and automation;



    1) Master degree or above in physics, microelectronics, optics or related majors;  
    2) Research experience related to integrated photonics devices;  
    3) At least 3 years working experience in opto-electronic device industry;  
    4) Strong ability to recognise and solve problems;  
    5) Ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment;  
    6) Good communication skills and strong team work spirit. 

  • Process Integration Engineer


    1) Responsible for process integration in new product development of silicon photonic devices;  
    2) Focus on chip integration process controllability and mass production;  
    3) Manage and coordinate related teams to meet product development schedule requirements.



    1) Strong wafer process integration experience;
    2) Extensive lithography experience;  
    3) Strong device physics foundation.  
    4) STEM related master degree;  
    5) At least 3 years experience in wafer process development for commercial production line;  
    6) Strong ability to identify and solve problems;  
    7) Ability to work independently in a fast-paced work environment;  
    8) Good communicator and strong team work spirit;  
    9) Effective team organization and leadership skills;  
    10) Strong pressure resistance, able to deliver results under tight deadlines;  
    11) Challenge oriented, hardworking and flexible. 

  • SiP Chip Packaging & Testing Engineer

    1) Responsible for the selection and development of chip packaging scheme, and thermal analysis and stress analysis for package design scheme;  
    2) Responsible for the process development of coupling between silicon photonic chip and FA/ laser, coupled optical path simulation design, to achieve high coupling efficiency and gluing process stability, so as to meet the reliability requirements;  
    3) Assist in chip design and module /PCB design from the perspective of packaging, develope and optimize chip packaging process; communicate and cooperate with packaging manufacturers to avoid potential risks in packaging processing;  
    4) Apply mechanical design software tools like AutoCAD, SolidWorks to design and encapsulate all kinds of fixtures;  
    5) Responsible for product process design and product process introduction into the production line; 
    6) Write process development and test reports, write and manage the documents of package test development process.  

    1) Bachelor degree or above in science (master degree preferred), major in mechanical, optical, electrical engineering, material science, etc., familiar with chip packaging, sensor packaging, semiconductor packaging, micro assembly or SIP packaging, etc.  
    2) More than 3 years of chip packaging design experience (silicon photonic chip or high-speed optical module packaging mass production experience is preferred);  
    3) Familiar with the packaging process of lens coupling system between laser/fiber and chip, backloading welding (FC) process, and characteristics of optical epoxy resin, glass, ceramic and metal materials;  
    4) With experience in optical lens design, and can use lens optical path design software for optical path design and lens selection, etc.;  
    5) Knowledge of semiconductor active devices, including lasers, photodiodes, modulators, etc. Experience in high-speed electronic packaging design and/or laser packaging design is preferred;  
    6) With a deep understanding of the development direction of chip packaging and testing related technology, with some experience in outsourcing factory management;  
    7) With solid problem-solving ability, practical, hardworking, careful, calm, strong practical ability, clear logic and strong initiative;  
    8) Good communication and teamwork skills;  
    9) Able to work under great pressure; 
    10) Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. 

  • Layout Design Engineer

    1) Use Script language to establish the photonic device parameterized version library, PDKs  
    2) Mask design of photonic components and optical paths  
    3) From the development of prototype to the mask design of complete photoelectric products  
    4) Assist in the design of opto-electronic components  
    5) Work closely with photonic design, wafer process integration, and testing team to ensure optimal layout design results 

    1) Bachelor or master degree in optics, electronics or physics, with relevant work experience, familiar with Object Oriented parametric mask design environment, familiar with commercial wafer process layout design tapeout method and process, familiar with passive and active photonic devices, familiar with silicon wafer process, experience in opto-electronic device layout design is preferred  
    2) Strong ability to recognise and solve problems  
    3) Good at communication and team work, strong written communication skills  
    4) Ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment  
    5) Strong ability to work under pressure and deliver results within tight deadlines  
    6) Dare to challenge, work hard, flexible  
    7) Able to use commercial software for device layout design and simulation  
    8) Strong programming ability, using Script language to generate photonic device mask 

  • Silicon Photonics Device Test Engineer

    1) Develop and write test schemes and plans for silicon photonics chips.  
    2) Build chip level and wafer level test system, and test the passive, DC and RF performance of silicon photonics chips.  
    3) Chip test automation development, proficient in Python/Matlab/Labview/C programming language, improve test efficiency and reliability.  
    4) Skillfully operate the optical fiber coupling test platform, optimize the optical fiber coupling process, shorten the coupling time, and improve the accuracy and stability of optical fiber coupling.  
    5) Cooperate with design engineer and packaging engineer, discuss test plan and schedule, take charge of daily test tasks, ensure high quality and timely completion of chip test tasks.  
    6) Analyze test data and output test report.  
    7) Maintenance and calibration of test instruments and systems, failure analysis and elimination.  
    8) Assist in purchasing test instruments and necessary laboratory supplies.  
    9) Responsible for training testers to correctly operate the measurement system for daily measurement work.  
    10) Perform other tasks as required by management to support product development and business planning. 


    1) Bachelor degree or above in optical engineering, electronic engineering, physics, automation engineering or related field  
    2) At least 2-3 years working experience in chip testing and automation measurement, including but not limited to equipment control, data acquisition, etc. Experience in silicon photonics testing is preferred  
    3) Familiar with opto-electronic chip testing equipment and optical fiber automatic alignment system  
    4) Knowledge of semiconductor active devices, including lasers, photodiodes, modulators, and experience in high speed performance testing is preferred  
    5) Good command of Python/Matlab/Labview/++C and other languages  
    6) Practical and willing working attitude, solid problem-solving ability, careful, calm, practical ability, logical and initiative  
    7) Good communication and team work skills;  Adapt to high working pressure  
    8) Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills 

  • Business Development Manager

    1) Develop partners in silicon photonics applications and maintain key partnerships;  
    2) Make cooperation plans, coordinate resources and promote project cooperation implementation;  
    3) Organize, collect and explore customer needs regularly;  
    4) Follow up, initiate and participate in mainstream business activities;  
    5) Responsible for market information collection and analysis in optical communication and optical sensing fields. 


    1) Over 5 years working experience, familiar with optical communication industry chain, industry channels and resources preferred;  
    2) Bachelor degree or above in physics, optics, microelectronics or other major, excellent English reading and writing skills;  
    3) Integrity, enthusiasm and strong sense of responsibility;  
    4) Strong initiative, learning ability, communication and negotiation skills;  
    5) Excellent serving spirit, teamwork and execution ability.