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Xphor Ltd is a silicon photonics technology company jointly founded by scientists from domestic and international technologists. Our founding team consists of leading silicon photonics chip and module experts with over 20 years mass production experience, along with core researchers specializing in silicon-based opto-electronic integration. We are engaged in the design, manufacturing and packaging of silicon photonics integrated chips & components and deliver customized solutions to customers, bringing forth our expertise to a wide range of applications including data centers, telecom, consumer interconnections, autopilot and medical health.

Headquartered in Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone Lin-gang special area, with R&D center in Caohejing Hi
ech Park, we have established close strategic partnership with leading lC foundries in China and abroad, and
have obtained investment from the leading opto-electronic enterprises and semiconductor venture capital. With
strong support from optical communication module/system manufacturers and autopilot module suppliers, we
provide products that integrate more functions, highly reliable and much better cost effective. Together with oui
partners, we promote the continuous innovation of silicon photonics technology and expand wider industria
































Silicon photonics connects the world,

senses the world, changing the future.


A leading company in silicon photonics technology innovation and industry application.


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